O’Neill’s Grain Merchants Products

Beef Rations and Nuts
By carefully selecting the correct feed to suit your system, we recognise…[more]



Dairy Rations and Nuts
O’Neill’s recognise by carefully selecting the correct dairy feed, specifically…[more]



Sheep Ration
We offer an extensive range of feeds, specifically formulated…[more]



Pig Ration
We produce pig feeds that are proven to perform. We use wheat, barley…[more]



We can supply straight feeds, rolled barley, rolled oats, fine and…[more]



Poultry Feed
We stock chic crumb, layers pellets, layers mash, oyster shell grit, poultry…[more]



Wild and pet birds
Wild bird seed, peanuts, budgie seed, canary seed…[more]



Rabbit feed
Commercial rabbit pellets, rabbit muesli…[more]



Fire wood
Fire wood, dried hard and soft wood…[more]



Stockist for:

Red mills horse and pet feeds,
Southern mill poultry feeds
Kasco dog and cat feeds,
Feedwell dog feeds,
Beta dog and cat feeds,
Purina dog and cat feeds,
Grasslands fertilizer
Irish cement



Other products we stock:

Horse bedding, Shavings
Cattle bedding, wood chip



Other services we offer:

Waste wood recycling
Our facility is permitted for the acceptance of waste wood…[more]

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