Bark Mulch

Bark Mulch Centre


Our Bark Mulch comes from saw mills where it has being from carefully stripped from logs. Once it is delivered to us we mulch, screened and graded it. Our bark is an environmentally friendly renewable product.

Bark Mulch is ideal for newly Landscaped projects, Play grounds small Flower beds.

It is equally impressive for weed control and has stood the test of time.

For best results apply after preparing the soil and planting, add additional 50mm approx 2 inches every spring to maintain depth. Bark will allow moisture in to the soil but will prevent weed growth.

  1. Bark is clean to handle
  2. Improves moisture retention. During dry spells Bark helps to reduce evaporation from the soil helping plants to thrive retaining moisture.
  3. Bark is decorative and safe in paths and play areas
  4. Bark improves soil by adding natural organic matter
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